#36 – Glass Onion and Other Streaming Mysteries

Knives Out, Unexplained Disappearances at HBO Max, and more!

5 months ago

We saw the latest Knives Out mystery in theaters and we have spoiler-free thoughts to share to help you get excited to stream it on at home!

We’ll discuss Netflix’s latest experiment with a hybrid theatrical/streaming strategy, plus the other mysteries plaguing the streaming universe, such as…

  • Cecily Strong’s sudden departure from SNL!
  • Peacock’s puzzling pivot!
  • And all the suspicious disappearances plaguing HBO Max…

It’s a case only Benoit Blanc can solve, but unfortunately you’re stuck with us instead!


📺 Review: Glass Onion

🚨 Extremely light spoilers starting at 44:29, but really we’re not spoiling this one for you!🚨

  • Where to Watch: Netflix (December 23)
  • Sequel To: Knives Out, baby!


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