#25 – Andor

The one with four eyeballs, but not exactly in the order you would think.

7 months ago

This week we’re chasing the cure for Star Wars ennui (like regular ennui, but backwards you say it)… and thankfully it’s easily accessible on the streaming app that's steadily consuming the galaxy as we know it: Disney+

Yes, we’re completely obsessed with the 3-episode premier of Andor and everything it does right in a cinematic universe that has done so much wrong (say some!) as of late. Where else can you find a show brave enough to combine Star Wars with Blade Runner with… the thrilling reality of statistics-based policing and the corrosive effect it has on society at large? (Really!)

Plus, in the news: What to expect in Season 48 of SNL, the Peacockalypse comes for your favorite comedies, and all the Tudum news that’s fit to print (but not on Tudum, because they fired all those people).


📺 Review: Andor

  • 🚨 Spoiler Alert: First 3 Episodes (starting at 28:06)
  • Renewal Status: Picked up for 2 seasons, 12 episodes each
  • Releases: Weekly, Wednesdays through November 23
  • Where to Watch: Disney+
  • Spinoffs: Uh, he kinda dies in the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, doesn’t he? (And before you say something about spoilers let us remind you that this movie came out when Barack Obama was President.)


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