#26 – SNL (Season 48 Premier)

The one with bisexual Grimace.

7 months ago

After months of speculation the new season of Saturday Night Live is here and we’re ready to share our unsolicited thoughts and feelings like a certain purple McDonald’s mascot. Yes, those nine absences in the opening credits were a shock (don’t worry, Cecily Strong will be back!), but… guess what? They kind of owned it! And one of the new guys got the Pete Davidson slot on Weekend Update! And then, there were the sponsored sketches…

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, because this special edition of Streamageddon kicks off with BREAKING-ish NEWS in the late night comedy world: The Daily Show is beginning its search for host #4 after Trevor Noah stunned his audience (and reportedly his bosses at Paramount) by announcing his retirement after 7 years on the job.

We’re breaking down all the news about the fake news (the good kind) this week, and if that sounds intimidating just relax, because Dianne already made Chris cut his 30-minute rant about the clashing serifs in the new SNL fonts so you have nothing to fear!


📺 Review: SNL (Season 48 Premier)

  • Featuring: Miles Teller and Kendrick Lamar
  • Where to Watch: NBC
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