#38 – Kaleidoscope, Good Gimmicks, and Bad Vibes

Streaming is look very -ageddon in 2023...

4 months ago

We love a good storytelling gimmick and this week we’re sharing our favorites (and least favorites) as we unpack the new Netflix heist series Kaleidoscope.

Plus we answer all your burning questions, like:

  • What did HBO Max erase from existence while we were on vacation?
  • Who is hosting The Daily Show now that Trevor Noah is gone?
  • Why is Netflix teaming up with Nike?
  • And is the streaming universe doomed in 2023?!

But first it’s a surprise round of America’s favorite game: Renewed or Canceled?! Play along as Dianne guesses the fate of these streaming shows:

  • 1899 (Netflix)
  • 61st Street (AMC)
  • Wednesday (Netflix)
  • Dangerous Liaisons (Starz)
  • Step Up (Starz)

Can you go 5 for 5? Lock in your guesses now and find out in this week’s episode.


📺 Review: Kaleidoscope

🚨 Spoiler Alert starting at 43:34 🚨

  • Where to Watch: Netflix
  • Total Episodes: 8 Episodes, 1 Season
  • Renewal Status: No Renewal Announcement (Limited Series)
  • Watched for Review: All 8 Episodes


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Contains spoilers for “Renewed or Canceled?!”


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