#52 – Summer of Strike, Comedy in Crisis, and Disney's TV Dilemmas

The one with the return of "What's that, Bob?"

Jul 20, 2023

We’re gathered in the Streamageddon war room with a clear-eyed (panicked), sober (not), and thoroughly researched (hastily googled) analysis of the shocking double strike that seems destined to paralyze TV and streaming productions for months to come. In less than 40 minutes we promise to (maybe) explain:

  • Why Netflix might be willing to throw their “peers” in the AMPTP under the bus
  • Which shows are still in production (and why!)
  • Who stands to lose the most with the shift away from residuals
  • And why that Black Mirror episode about AI CGI Annie Murphys was probably more accurate than we were willing to admit…

You’ll even learn why Ronald Reagan’s name was in the news again last week!

But that’s not even the only emergency-pod-worthy news we have for you!

  • The Emmy nominations are here, they’re weird, and apparently we have to get used to calling The Bear a comedy now.
  • Speaking of TV comedies: Wait, where did all the TV comedies go? And why aren’t any of them on NBC?
  • At least ABC has Abbott Elementary… at least until Disney’s Bob Iger says something ominous that gets us asking our favorite question-slash-segment: “What’s That, Bob?”

Also, we have an extremely legitimate pitch for John Oliver to buy The Disney Channel. (Just hear us out, Bob!)

Finally, we’ll lighten the mood with two spoiler-free streaming recommendations!


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