#67 – New Year, New Marvel: Echo (Plus Amazon, Paramount, and Other Kingpins)

The one where we pour one out for the crew of the Revenge.

Jan 15, 2024

Whoops, we accidentally predicted the future too well in our last episode! So we’re back to catch up on the doom and gloom at Paramount+, the mass hysteria surrounding Amazon Prime Video’s turn to ads, and more news from the past month.

Then we’ll make the case for why Marvel’s new “Spotlight” series Echo breathes new life into their struggling TV formula… if you can make it through the first 25 minutes of franchise-mandated flashbacks.

Plus it’s a new year, so it’s time to get your streaming house in order. We’ll help you budget with the return of our awards-pending advice segment Add/Keep/Cancel.


📺 Review: Echo

🚨 Light Spoilers: First 3 Episodes (starting at 42:35) 🚨

  • Total Episodes: 1 Season, 5 Episodes (all released)
  • Where to Watch: Disney+ and Hulu
  • Spinoffs: Hawkeye (Disney+)


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