#18 – Ghosts (US & UK)

Plus: The state of the network sitcom and our Rewind Review of Abbott Elementary's season finale!

Jul 29, 2022

This week is all about classic sitcom shenanigans as we devote an entire episode to the state of the network sitcom (plus our usual Netflocalypse-of-the-Week). We’ll investigate the mysterious resurgence of network sitcoms that suddenly seem to be haunting the streaming landscape with our review of one of last season’s most successful new shows: The CBS comedy Ghosts.

But don’t look behind you, because there’s another show looming in the shadows this week… and it’s the BBC’s Ghosts (boo!). We’re comparing the original UK pilot with the US remake and picking apart the network sitcom like it’s a rotting corpse (which we swear it isn’t!).

And if that’s not enough sitcom excitement we’re continuing the conversation with a Rewind Review of Abbott Elementary’s excellent season finale! We’ll discuss our hopes are dreams for the show’s next season and share some exciting news (but you’ll have to attend class to learn all about it).


📺 Review: Ghosts (US & UK)

🚨 Spoiler Alert for both the US & UK pilots, but also it’s just a goofy show about ghosts so maybe just calm down? (starting at 19:05) 🚨

  • Number of Seasons Overall: 1 (US) and 3 (UK)
  • Where to Watch (US): Paramount+, CBS
  • Where to Watch (UK): HBO Max


📼 Rewind Review: Abbott Elementary

🚨 Spoiler Alert for Season 1 (starting at 51:54) 🚨

  • Number of Seasons Overall: 1
  • Where to Stream Season 1: Hulu (now), HBO Max (soon!)
  • Season 2 Premiers: September 21
  • Where to Watch Season 2: ABC (next day on Hulu)


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