#70 – True Detective: Sports Country

The one where time is a flat circle, especially when it comes to Hulu.

Feb 11, 2024

We’re closing the case on our Cozy (and/or Spooky) Winter Mysteries Tour with this winter’s buzziest, prestige-iest detective show: HBO’s True Detective: Night Country. Premiering a decade after the original season— with a whole new creator and showrunner— it’s a show that poses the question “So, like, what is a True Detective, man?” [Insert your best McConaughey voice here.]

But first! Will cartoon villain David Zaslav ruthlessly murder Coyote vs. ACME… again?! Can Taylor Swift save Disney+? Can hastily retooling a Moana streaming series as Moana 2 save Disney’s holiday box office? Can anyone explain what Bob Iger is talking about?? And whoops! They made a Sports Hulu!


📺 Review: True Detective Night Country

🚨 Spoiler Alert: First 2 Episodes (starting at 36:38) 🚨

  • Total Episodes: Anthology, 6 Episodes
  • New Episodes Drop: Sundays at 9 PM ET (through February 18)
  • Where to Watch: HBO (Streaming simultaneously on Max)
  • Related Titles: True Detective (2014)


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