#62 – All Killer, No Filler… But Also THE Killer (On Netflix)

The one where we’re thankful that David Zaslav has never called us his best friends.

Nov 21, 2023

We’ve got sizzling Thanksgiving episode stuffed full of news, gossip, and… America’s favorite game show?!

  • First: Will lackluster AI protections sink the SAG-AFTRA deal?
  • Then we raise a glass to the latest victim of the streaming wars: Showtime Anytime.
  • Speaking of Paramount-related news: IT’S DAILY SHOW HOST WATCH! (Second timers edition!)
  • But wait, there’s more! Because after that we feast on an irresistible helping of David Zaslav news.
  • And finally: We head the big (enough) screen and stream the new Netflix movie The Killer featuring Michael Fassbender as the titular assassin, framed by David Fincher’s direction.

All that, plus: Can you out-score Dianne on a post-strike edition of Renewed or Canceled?! We’ve got 12 shows across TV and streaming that have been hanging in the balance for months now. (Spoilers in the links below!)


📺 Review: The Killer (Movie)

🚨 Light spoilers only! (starting at 51:10) 🚨

  • Where to Watch: Netflix


🔗 Links:


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