#9 – Our Flag Means Death

The one with CNN+ (RIP).

Apr 22, 2022

We’re hitting the high seas this week as we cruise through the entire first season of the queer pirate rom com we didn’t know we needed: Our Flag Means Death. But first: Join us as we sail into stormy weather with Netflix’s salty subscriber numbers, search for the treasure buried in the latest video game adaptations, voyage to the far off land of the Amazon (dot-com), and accidentally deliver a eulogy for CNN+ before scattering the young streamer’s ashes into the vast ocean of entertainment.


📺 Review: Our Flag Means Death

🚨 Spoiler Alert for Season 1 (starting at 42:16) 🚨

  • Episodes Watched for Review: 10
  • Number of Seasons Overall: 1
  • Where to Watch: HBO Max


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