#66 – 2023 Streaming Superlative Spectacular!

The one where we hand out the participation awards.

Dec 27, 2023

It’s our Second Annual Streaming Superlatives Spectacular! Featuring your favorite yearbook-inspired awards plus a host of new categories generated by the true star of 2023: ChatGPT.

Plus we predict which streaming service won’t survive the new year (spoiler alert: the headlines already indicate we might be right!).


🏆 The Categories:

🥇 Round 1: The Extremely High School Superlatives

  • Life of the Party
  • Class Sweetheart
  • Class Clown
  • Best Couple (Platonic or Romantic)
  • Best Glow-Up (aka Most Improved)
  • Best Hair and/or Best Dressed
  • Most Likely to Succeed
  • Returning Champion (Best Returning Series or Character)
  • “Miss Congeniality” (The Best Show We Didn’t Review)

🥈 Round 2: The Best Ofs (and Worst Ofs)

  • Throwback of the Year (Best Reboot, Revival, etc.)
  • Franchise of the Year
  • Biggest Surprise of the Year
  • Biggest Disappointment of the Year
  • Villain of the Year (Real Life or Fictional)
  • Best Finale (Season or Series)
  • Best Thing You Watched This Year (In Any Medium/Genre)

🥉 Round 3: The Streaming Service Showdown

  • The Most Overrated Streaming Service of 2023
  • The Most Underrated Streaming Service of 2023
  • The Streaming Service You Couldn’t Live Without in 2023

🔮 And Finally… Predictions!

  • The Streaming Service Least Likely to Survive 2024 (we swear we recorded this before the headlines told us that we’re probably right!)


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