#48 – Jury Duty on Freevee, Disney Devours Hulu (If You Want), and The Future? It’s Ads!

The one with MaxCock.

9 days ago

The fall TV lineup is taking shape and it’s looking bleak if you’re a fan of… scripts. We’ll have the latest on the WGA strike, plus some big reveals from the biggest streamers:

  • Disney loves Hulu (and ads)
  • ~~HBO~~ Max loves bundles (and ads)
  • And Netflix just loves ads!

Speaking of ads, we’re diving into the FAST-paced world of Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV with Amazon Freevee and the charmingly odd original series Jury Duty.


📺 Review: Jury Duty

🚨 Spoiler Alert: First 2 Episodes (starting at 33:00) 🚨

  • Renewal Status: Renewed for Season 2
  • Where to Watch: Amazon Freevee (all episodes streaming)


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